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Well, I’m a fiction writer, so this newsletter, or series of “letters” (in multiple senses of the word) is bound to contain some stories—literally—some stories about how stories became stories, and some lies. Or lies masquerading as truths. I’m also an editor and writing coach, so sometimes the stories will those of the collaborative work of getting a piece to polish for publication as well as things like writing prompts or hard lessons learned that might make your own lessons a little easier. Beyond that, I’m likely to go quite unexpected places, forays into science, trips into the natural world, even occasional wandering into “sportsing” (a favorite word of one of my adult daughters to describe other family member obsessions) to tease out the human narratives behind athletic competition (no fantasy here, folks, and no Bayern Munchen rants either—forgiving me for that bit of fandom). In fact, I’ll try to restrain all ranting, if possible, leaning instead towards creative conversations that I hope will inspire, help, or distract, with some side dishes reminding us to be kind to one another.

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A newsletter about placing trust in the organic nature of creative enterprise from both sides of the desk--as writer and as editor. Musings, examples, exercises and experiments applying "matters" as a noun and a verb.


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